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Naturally powerful
period relief

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Natural is nice, but it also has to work. We've obsessed over the science of menstrual relief so you can thrive all cycle long.

Period Cramps?    

Cramp Aid™

The drug-free way to an easy period.*

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Mood Swings?

Steady Mood™

Outsmart PMS symptoms and stress.*

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Happy and strong all month long

Our naturally effective formulations work together to target symptoms throughout your cycle.

"I suffered from painful periods for a decade, before getting fed up with the lack of healthy relief options. It's time to end the suffering and take back our cycles."

Doctor Approved

"Using De Lune can prevent a period cramp crisis while being gentle on the stomach."

Dr. Ruth Arumala

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Here to end menstrual suffering

It’s time to address the toll that period symptoms and stigma can take on wellbeing, productivity, and self esteem.

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