Lifting the period burden

We’re a menstrual health company that creates research-backed, naturally effective solutions to lift the period burden.

What’s the period burden?

An estimated 90% of women around the world report struggling with period pain and other symptoms that can take a toll on their general wellbeing, productivity, and finances.

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Symptoms & Productivity

42% of women have noted that period pain has affected their ability to do their job, and common menstrual symptoms may lead to as many as nine days of lost productivity per woman each year.

Lack of Natural Solutions

Faced with a lack of non-pharmaceutical solutions and lingering stigma around menstruation and female pain, it’s no surprise that many feel they’ve been gaslighted by traditional medical institutions and society as a whole.

Whole cycle happiness

Finding real

De Lune’s founder Mimi Millard felt this same frustration. Her search for natural solutions culminated in an adverse reaction to a popular painkiller, landing her in the hospital. Motivated to find a safe alternative for everyone, Mimi joined with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Courtney Mayszak to 
found De Lune.

Menstrual essentials.

Easier periods
for everyone

With nourishing products for your body, mind, and brain, we’re setting the new standard in menstrual health. And we’re proud to be creating an inclusive, empowering world where people can talk about, embrace, and start to look forward to positive periods.

Our Values

Conversation and community

Female-founded, we build and sustain welcoming spaces for exchanging ideas and useful info.

Efficacy and ease

Our unique, effective formulations are simple and easy to use, every day or as needed.

Wholeness & health

Female-founded, we create and sustain welcoming spaces for exchanging ideas and useful info.