Lifting the period burden

We’re a menstrual health company creating natural, research-backed solutions to lift the period burden.

What’s the period burden?

Around the world, an estimated 90% of people with periods report struggling with period pain and other menstrual symptoms that take a toll on wellbeing, productivity, relationships, and quality of life.

Learn about the period burden

Running on empty

42% of people with periods report that their period pain affects their ability to do their job. Research shows menstrual symptoms may lead to 9 days of lost productivity per person each year.

Left high and dry

Despite the prevalence of disruptive symptoms, menstrual health is still wildly underserved. Painkillers, heating pads, and “powering through” just don't cut it. There’s an urgent need for real relief with fewer side effects and nourishing ingredients. 

Whole cycle happiness.

Finding real relief

After spending her formative years battling debilitating menstrual pain, Mimi Millard felt the frustration of being held back by her period. Her fruitless search for natural solutions eventually culminated in an adverse reaction to a popular painkiller, landing her in the hospital. Jolted and more motivated than ever to find a safe alternative for everyone, Mimi joined forces with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Courtney Mayszak to found De Lune.  De Lune uses deep nutritional research to identify the safest and most effective ingredients for menstrual symptoms. With powerful formulations that provide real relief and support long-term cycle health, we're building a world where no one is held back by their period.

Menstrual essentials.

Easier periods for everyone

With nourishing products for your mood, brain, and body, we’re setting the new standard for menstrual health. We’re proud to be creating an inclusive, empowering world where people can talk about, embrace, and start to look forward to their periods.

Our values

Conversation and community

We proudly advance menstrual health education, research, destigmatization, and celebration.

Evidence-based efficacy

We rigorously study the best clinical research available to ensure our formulations provide real relief.

Natural and nontoxic

We mindfully use herbal and nutritional ingredients, to provide safe, healthy, drug-free options for all.