Find Out Why More Women Are Choosing De Lune

Find Out Why More Women Are Choosing De Lune

We designedĀ our Pain Tonic formula based on years of research, leveraging the latest clinical scienceĀ while working with leading women's health researchers from well-known institutions.

We've carefullyĀ documented every peer-reviewed study that backs each ingredient in the De LuneĀ Pain Tonic. Full transparency is a must as we help more and more people transition toward a cleaner, guilt-free solution for treating period pain and dysmenorrhea.

But don't take our word for it!Ā Over the last few weeks, many of our users haveĀ reached out to us to share their experience using De Lune. They've described ourĀ tincture as "both effective and beautiful," and "a surprisinglyĀ helpful tool for fighting my dysmenorrhea."

We've been excited to have so much positive feedback since our Pain TonicĀ launched, and we want to shareĀ one of the more detailed reviews written by a real De Lune user.

We encourage you to read the full review posted on her website here


"To use you drop six full droppersĀ of the supplement into your favorite calming tea, beverage, or water and enjoy. I wanted to know what the supplement tasted like so my first use was with plain ol' water. I put six full droppers into my water and took a sip.

Not bad, not bad at all in fact I actually enjoyed the taste. It was a bit sweet and mostly tangy due to the apple cider vinegar in the product. If you are not a fan of acv then I suggest drinking in a tea or fruit juice. I began my cycle the next day as scheduled and continued to take the supplement with water for the next five days."


"Here are the key things I noticed,

  • little to no bloat
  • increase in energy levels
  • no lower back pain
  • little to no cramping (except for the third night)

I also noticed an improvement in my overall mood too, which my partner so readily made known to me lol."Ā Ā 

Comparison Versus Pain-Relief Alternatives

"When it comes to period remedies I have tried them all- and this is the only product so far that has made a significant difference. I am so grateful to have had the chance to try this supplement and that it is formulated with ingredients that have been healers in the natural realm for centuries."

The Verdict

"Overall I have to say I am beyond impressed with De Lune and the formula they have put together which includes powerhouse minerals and herbs like crampbark, magnesium, and vitamin b6."

Try De Lune Risk-Free

More and more women are choosingĀ De LuneĀ as theirĀ go-to source of period pain relief. De Lune uses a variety of evidence-based, natural ingredients that have been shown to relieve PMS symptoms, reduce period cramps, lower the risk of menstrually-induced migraines, and much more.

If you're still on the fence, remember we offer both free shippingĀ and returns.

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