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Reboot Your Hormones This Holiday With Sophie Shepherd, FDN-P, INHC & Founder of SHE

Are you so over guessing your way through hormonal chaos? You’re not alone. Sophie Shepherd, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and founder of SHE, couldn’t tell you how many women have come to her with PMS that’s wreaking havoc on their moods and destroying their relationships.

Can you relate? Keep reading!

If you:
  • Suffer from unbearable periods ridden with painful cramps, heavy bleeding, and eruptive arguments with your partner
  • Are perpetually exhausted despite getting a full night’s sleep
  • Have lost hope in fad diets, and are still mystified by what to eat
  • Are breaking out despite spending a pretty penny on skincare
  • Have been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, or thyroiditis, and are looking for new and better ways to heal
And if Dr. Google isn’t providing the clarity needed to figure. this. sh*t. out, our friends at SHE have just the thing.

Starting December 12th, SHE is introducing their first-ever 10 Day Holiday Hormone Reboot: a course designed to take you from lost and confused to excited and knowledgeable about the vital role hormones play in your life. You’ll finally get straightforward answers to your most pressing hormonal problems, helping you reclaim your energy, cycle, skin, and soul—just in time for the holidays!

How It Works:

Starting December 12th, you’ll gain access to:
  • 10 days of live training and Q&A sessions. Imagine having a women’s hormone health expert at your disposal to shine light on how your body works, and share how you can optimize your food habits, achieve deep and restful sleep, and implement stress reduction methods that work for you.
  • A private Facebook group: your community of personal cheerleaders dealing with the very same health concerns as you.
  • Daily morning meditations and inspiration that motivate and help you stay on track throughout your day.
  • A 10-Day Holiday Hormone Lovin’ Meal Plan featuring simple ingredients and quick 30-minute meal ideas that are SUPER easy and delicious.
  • A Power Foods For Hormones List: your guide to hormone heaven that clearly delineates what to eat and what to avoid.
  • A clear and concise shopping list that takes the guesswork out of what to buy for optimal hormonal health.
  • Exclusive bonuses, like hormone-healing soups and smoothies, and guides to natural products, menstrual cycle tracking, boosting your libido, and stress reduction techniques.

About Sophie:

All that hormonal havoc you’re living right now? Sophie gets it. She was you!

At 23, Sophie battled her own life-ruining hormonal health issues, and struggled for years to try to figure out why she felt so awful. Her IBS was at its worst, her sleep was erratic, and her anxiety and depression were at all time highs. She was 30lbs heavier than she is today, completely exhausted, and her hair was falling out. She lost her libido, had a painful ovarian cyst burst, and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. She lived in fear, pain, and anxiety, with nowhere to turn and no one to help her figure out what was wrong with her body.

Then Sophie began working with a functional medicine practitioner who taught her how to heal her digestive system, eat to support her hormones, and use stress management techniques. After a couple weeks, she was thinking clearly, sleeping soundly, and feeling her energy return. Her digestion was no longer a daily worry, and the weight started falling off.

Now with years of personal experience and as a Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner specializing in women's hormonal health, Sophie’s mission at SHE is to educate and empower women to get their bodies into optimal hormonal alignment after years of imbalances caused by stress, infections, viruses, and medications like the birth control pill. She helps women uncover their underlying causes of PMS, unexplained weight gain, debilitating fatigue, crazy sugar cravings, painful, irregular or missing periods, and more severe diagnoses like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), and teaches them how to how to heal their bodies holistically so they can finally feel confident, sexy, and in control.

womens-healthReady to join Sophie in befriending your hormones once and for all? Enroll in the 10 Day Holiday Hormone Reboot here.

Hurry! You have until December 11th, 2019 to sign up.

And as if you needed another reason to enroll, course participants get an exclusive discount code for 15% off our PMS Pills.

For more women’s health resources, follow Sophie @shetalkshealth

To schedule a complimentary discovery call, email Sophie at sophie@she-nyc.com

Photography by Sami Hobbs

Table of Contents

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