De Lune Celebrates Period Day by Bringing the Fight to Washington

On October 19th, we joined more than 500 protestors for the first ever National Period Day. We put our values into action with a rally in DC to demand an end to period poverty and stigma. What better place to do this than directly in front of the U.S. Capitol?

Spearheaded by the amazing team at PERIOD, the Period Day Rally was covered by major news outlets like Politico, CBS News, Good Morning America, and She Knows. The event trended on Twitter with over 35,000 tweets and strengthened our growing coalition to push forward the Menstrual Movement. It even got the attention of five presidential candidates!

Never forget that we all made history this month. 60 rallies across 50 states and four countries. If you're reading this, then you helped make this happen! This movement is just getting started, and every voice counts.


We're not finished!

This #NationalPeriodDay was the largest grassroots mobilization in the history of period activism. And it was a taboo-smashing success because of YOU, bleeders! You did this! From the bottom of our vaginas, thank you. And the best part? This is only the beginning. The De Lune team will never stop fighting with you.

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