90 Day Cycle Health Kit™

The menstrual essentials you need for natural cycle relief, at a bundled price. Steady Mood provides daily PMS support, while Cramp Aid provides targeted period cramp relief.* Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO.

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Customer Reviews
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Bailie L.
United States United States

Works great!

Mood enhancer kept me from threatening murder the week before my cycle and the cramp aid works! No more intense pain and popping ibuprofen to survive.

Maya C.
United States United States

Great Relief

I heard about Steady Mood from a podcast on Spotify. I was hesitant to try it, but the other reviews on DeLune’s website were encouraging. I have to say this product is GREAT. (You have to consistently take it though.) I began using Steady Mood at the end of April, and since then I have noticed a positive change. I used to suffer from really bad mood changes and depression before my period, but now I don’t. Steady Mood has been a great addition, and I love that it is all natural.

Sarah R.
United States United States

All I can say is YES!

After finally noticing the pattern of my extreme drop in mood and attitude towards life during the second half of my cycle, I went to the Dr. and was diagnosed with PMDD. She prescribed me an SSRI and told me my other symptoms were just "part of the deal." Needless to say, the SSRI stunk. I was so discouraged and thought this was something I had to live with forever. I had also been trying the "FLO" method of cycle syncing which I wasn't seeing results from. Enter Steady Mood. After seeing reviews with stories really similar to mine, I ordered a few bottles and prayed out of pure desperation. I am now about a week into my second bottle and I am a DIFFERENT PERSON. For one, I have about a week until my next period and I have NO breast pain. That alone is enough to praise this product—I could hardly put a bra on before without wincing. Secondly, my mood is drastically, drastically improved. I finally feel like I have two feet on the earth again. I'm not worrying about the depression that attacks me after ovulation. My relationships are no longer rocky. My crying spells are gone. Brain fog is gone. My attitude toward life and work is balanced. My sex drive is back. I just feel like myself again! I was skeptical that a supplement could REALLY work as well as people have said, but this is an absolute life-changer. I am so much more myself, so much more at ease. I apologize for writing an essay but I genuinely love to come back to this page and read about other peoples' stories. I encourage you, if you have PMDD symptoms, please try this, give it a few weeks, and reap the benefits. Thank you De Lune!

Molly R.
United States United States

Happy Happy Happy

Drastically reduced headaches and increased energy to easily get through the day. These will forever be a part of my vitamin regimen.

Jordan C.
United States United States

It works!

I love this product. I’ve had the worse cramps since I could remember. I can’t take any western meds and nothing beyond that has ever worked for me. Until I found this product. It actually lessens my pain enough to get through the day w out Advil.