Sweet Relief Kit


The menstrual essentials you need for natural cramp and fatigue relief, at a bundled price. Cramp Aid provides targeted period cramp relief, while Energy Flow brings instant, cycle-friendly energy and focus.* Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO.

24 Cramp Aid
18 Energy Flow
tea bags

1 Use Cramp Aid and Energy Flow as needed when you’re experiencing cramps or fatigue.

2 Take 2 Cramp Aid capsules at the first sign of cramps. Repeat up to 3 times on days you have cramps.

3 Brew Energy Flow whenever you need a boost, especially before or during your period.

Cramp Aid is nutritionist-formulated with most evidence-based nutrients and herbs that target period pain at the source.*
Caffeine-free, Cycle-friendly

Energy Flow is made with organic adaptogenic herbs that bring instant energy naturally,* without caffeine that can make period cramps worse.

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