our story.

It all started when our co-founder Mimi started looking for an alternative solution to her period pain. She wanted a product that addressed the cause of her pain, not just the symptoms. A product that was effective in treating her pain - without the synthetic ingredients. She wanted a product that made her feel good about her period. 

It didn’t exist.

So in 2015, Mimi and her partner Kai set out to create this dream product. They believe that De Lune, the tonic born of their collaboration, has the potential to change the experience of menstruation forever.



our core values.

Your body. Your Choice.

De Lune empowers people to control what they consume and make their own smart choices for their own bodies. We want people with menstruation pain to know that they have another option!

A Sustainable Lifestyle.

De Lune supports a sustainable lifestyle by using all organic, ethically sourced ingredients. We care deeply about the long-term health of environment and economy, and we therefore do not feed the giant pharmaceutical companies that currently control the industry of pain treatment.


De Lune encourages self-love by creating an opportunity for people to look forward to their periods and learn to enjoy their bodies. Our dream is for “that time of the month” to no longer be a dreaded taboo, but instead a reason to treat yourself.